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Design in Town
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Design in Town is a summer camp where secondary school students embark on course to immerse themselves in the world of creativity.


The 11th edition will run for 9 weeks, from the 10th June to 11th August 2024. Students are free to participate for 2, 3, or 4 weeks investigating 1, 4, 6, or 8 different design disciplines. Starting last year, Design in Town is open to secondary school students from all over Italy, from 1st to 5th year with no exceptions.

It is an experience to test your motivation, and measure yourself against challenges both large and small. Participants work on real world projects, side by side with design professionals. They become aware of their potential, focus their interests and test their abilities to tackle the unfamiliar. All this whilst immersing themselves in fast-paced days and guaranteed fun.

Teachers, students, and tutors form a new kind of triad: everyone has their role, but the quality of the results depends on the quality of the relationships  they are able to establish by means ofthe contribution of each party.

It will be  14, 21, 28 or 32 intense days to discover new worlds. And to increase your level of awareness about the career choices you are about to make.

Design in town is proud of  the endorsements it has enjoyed since its very first edition from the most important professional industry associations: ADI, ADCI, AIAP, AI, AIR3, AFIP.

Design in Town
11th Year
Troia 2024

20/30 secondary students per discipline

33 professors. They are internationally renowned artists, photographers, writers, designers and authors, all with experience of teaching and managing group projects and all with a unique perspective to the project.

8 disciplines.Architecture, Design, Fashion, Graphic Design and Communication, Creative Writing, Illustration, Photography and Video.

36 projects exploring the traditions, attitudes, stories and aspirations of a territory, to formulate effective, sustainable and creative responses.

3 days. This is the time dedicated to each individual project with absolute concentration, within which the individual student/group will work autonomously.

3 encounters. After sunset there are open lectures to talk about creativity, design and beauty.

3 social platforms. A continuous flow of information and content to report on the progress of the projects in real time.


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Our small community in Puglia

Troia, with 6,400 inhabitants and a breathtaking scenery on the foothills of the Subappenine Dauno. The good way of life in this quiet town is a feeling that the inhabitants love to pass on to their guests. It is predominantly an agricultural town with a great cultural heritage. It radiates a sense of protection, like a large family who welcomes you with open arms. The town holds many artistic treasures that make it one of the most fascinating medieval towns in southern Italy. These include the splendid cathedral founded in 1093, one of the most beautiful churches in Apulia’s Romanesque style, and San Domenico, a former convent that has been completely renovated, with classrooms and dormitories. Most of the camp’s activities take place here. The beauty of Troia is that everything is within walking distance. In fact, walking  is the best way to discover this magical place. The beautiful location has already hosted DIT for several editions.

How it works

Within a week, each student completes two projects in two different design disciplines with two different professors. (Only for Creative Writing and Illustration the students complete two projects in the same discipline.)

Students only have 3 days to complete a project.

The  daily routine  is defined by a certain level of rigor. Some of our house rules include: never miss the morning or evening physical exercises, hand in projects on time; keep the common areas tidy.

A typical day
7.00 / Physical exercise
8.00 / Breakfast
9-12.30/ Project work
13.00/ Lunch
15.30-18.30/ Project work
20.00/ Dinner
21.30/ A variety of things can happen: students, tutors and teachers together explore the cultural opportunities of the town; evening lessons; final project assessments.

Extra Activities

Students share everything. They learn to help each other, to cooperate, to get organized and design together. But what would a summer in Apulia be without the exploration of culture, traditions, the sea breeze, the warmth of the sun, and enjoying life with friends? There are many occasions to enjoy social activities immersed in nature.

Important information

Students wear the uniform provided to them upon arrival (t-shirt and backpack). No other t-shirts may be worn.

Students make their own arrangements for trousers, shorts, or skirts, which must be black. Please note: not dark grey, not dark blue, but black. Students must also provide the necessary equipment for a day at the pool: swimsuit, towel, sun lotion. A black sweatshirt without printed or embroidered graphics or brands is recommended for cooler evenings.

Students must bring their own sheets, pillowcases, towels, and bathrobe for the shower.

In order to properly follow the lessons, it is recommended that students bring a laptop and camera. Students who do not have one or either of these may still participate, but kindly need to notify the organizers in advance.